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Reviewed by: thumpinco on: 2018/6/11 8:20:44
We ordered from China House last night, and was seriously disappointed. Hubby went to pick it up because we were outside of city limits (and they wanted a 35.00 order for delivery to us.) and the chicken broccoli I ordered was a disappointment. The broccoli was sooooo hard I couldn't eat it! I know for a fact people without teeth could not have chewed it or young people could have choked on it. I will not order again. I will go to China Buffet since we have to go pick it up anyway.
Reviewed by: jboogie8659 on: 2018/2/4 10:28:55
Bags smelled like car exhaust. Food was delivery, staff was awesome food was well above average and fresh!
Reviewed by: abesmk on: 2016-10-04
China House used our credit card information and ran 4 separate charges totaling over $100! We are a family of 6 living off of one income, so to us that is a lot of money!! If you call in an order DO NOT use your card!! We have ordered from them for years and never had a problem, but we learned a lesson at the end!
Reviewed by: Ciscoval51 on: 2016-01-16
Have been ordering takeout and pick up from China House since we moved to this side of town 10+ years ago. Have not been dissatisfied at all. They have the best Hot and Sour soup ever. Their Jumbo Chicken Wings have traveled to many parties with us and gotten rave reviews. I heartily promote their business every opportunity I have to do so. All their dishes are fresh and flavorful. You can't do any better than to come here for your Chinese fix.
Reviewed by: Harry on: 2015-10-05
Excellent food! Fresh and cooked perfectly. Have been avoiding Chinese in Asheboro after some so so food from other restaurants in town. We decided to give China House a try. We were pleasantly surprised with their take out both in quality and taste of the food as well the containers. We will be back for sure.